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Welcome to CoasterPort
Coasterport is a new site that covers several theme parks including Silverdollar city (Branson MO), Alton Towers, (Alton England)   (Flamingoland (Malton UK), and others. More parks and rides are added to the list all the time, so keep checking back!
Site News

Thursday, March 11, Im really sorry about how long its been since ive updated this site, but my internet provider has really started to mess up the last couple of months and its taken awhile to fix it. Theres some more news in the news & rumors section.

Thursday, Febuary 13, sorry about the lack of updates, for some reason my internet provider wont let me log onto the site, so until i can fix it i wont be able to update. By the way, we have new forums, so please have a look at them, the link is at the bottom of this page.

Tuesday, December 30, A couple of new links have been added in the links section.

The upgrade has been canceled due to my computer's constant crashing. I might try again in a few weeks.

Decemeber 24, Merry Christmas! BTW, the upgrade will take longer than i thought so it may not come exactly on the 2nd.

December 13, I've set the date for the big upgrade for the 2nd of January 2004. I wont be able to upgrade till then due to the holidays, my computer and other things.

December 1, I have a new e-mail address :

The big upgrade is still coming, normally it would have already been finished by now, but my computer crashed and now i have to get a new one, so it wont come till about Christmas.

Monday November 10, New link added for the in the links section.

Friday November 7, Coasterport has recieve 2000 hits, since opening in mid-March! Thanks Everybody!





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